Monday, April 29, 2013

April Adoptions!

This month, six dogs and two cats found new homes! We are so excited for them to be joining their new families! 

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Dawson is a three-year-old shepherd/husky cross who loves to play and be active, but he also loves to cuddlehe's basically the whole package, which is why we are not surprised that his foster family fell in love and decided to make him a permanent member of the family.

Wyatt is an Australian cattle dog/blue heeler mix. Wyatt was found as a stray and will not get much bigger than he is now, and currently he weighs about 25 pounds. Wyatt is very affectionate and is known to cuddle up to humans and other dogs. He was not up for adoption for that long, which wasn't surprising. Everyone who meets Wyatt instantly becomes a fan!

Justice and Thornton were featured in our "Cats of TAGS" post a couple of months ago, and we are excited to announce that this mother-and-son pairing have been adopted together. Justice is a beautiful tabby who was rescued by TAGS after being found under the Oshawa Court House. She gave birth to a litter of kittens not long after that, and all but Thornton found homes. Now, these two are inseparable and love to cuddle and play.

June Bug (nicknamed Joobie) is an energetic, fun-loving Shetland sheepdog/beagle mix. She loves other dogs and is very smart, so she's already learned a lot since TAGS first rescued her. She's quick to give kisses and always has her tail wagging, so when her new family met her, they just knew she was the one they were looking for all along.

Squirrely is a 12-year-old hound mix. This lady's life has changed a lot in a short period of time, so we are very happy for her that she has found a new home and that things will settle down for her. Squirrely lived with the same family for a long time, but she and her sister, Sarah, found themselves at the pound when their family lost their home and could no longer take care of them. Both of these seniors were confused and scared, but then they were rescued by TAGS and put into the foster system. Unfortunately, Sarah had a massive cancerous tumour and the tough decision was made to euthanize her. Squirrely has been a trooper throughout all of it and remains healthy, with clear eyes and a spring in her step. We are so happy that she has been adopted into a great home with a family who will love her for the rest of her days.

Violet is a one-year-old border collie mix. Violet is a beautiful and gentle dog who loves to play. She's even happy to play on her own if another dog isn't around. She loves to run and spend time outside, and loves belly rubs! Violet just joined the TAGS program at the end of March, and she's already been adopted. We love when this happens!

Raggs is a 10-year-old cairn terrier mix who is pretty energetic for his age and loves to snuggle. He gets along with dogs, cats and kids and has a lot of love to give to everyone! This adorable guy had a family he loved very much, but they took him to the pound with the explanation that he was getting too old for them. We are very happy that this sweet guy has been given the second chance he deserves!

Congratulations to all the dogs and cats who were adopted in April! We are so excited for all our furry friends and their new families! Personally, I am especially happy for our senior dogs, Squirrely and Raggs, as it can be difficult for seniors to find homes. If you are interested in adopting a senior but aren't sure what to expect, you can read about one of our volunteer's personal experiences. 

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