Monday, September 2, 2013

August Adoptions!

Congratulations to all nine dogs who were adopted last month!

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Some Facts About the August "Adoptees"

  • Chewie was named through a contest on our Facebook page. He got his name because the contributor thought he resembled Chewbacca!
  • Shorty and Ruby are brother and sister! As seniors who came as a pair, it was difficult to find them a home, but they won the hearts of their foster family and have now become a permanent fixture.
  • Spike has been with TAGS since last September and his high level of energy was a lot to take for the first few families who came to meet him. Luckily, the right match came along!
  • Jill is a social butterfly and is happiest sitting at someone's feet chewing on a bone.
  • Rya is a beautiful Beagleman (Beagle/Doberman Pinscher mix) who is so great with children, all of the kids who lived in her foster home's neighbourhood used to flock to her whenever she went out for a walk.
  • Becky is 15 years old and was found as a stray. Her front teeth have been worn away, but that doesn't stop her from loving treats of all kinds! She always finds a way to eat them even if it takes her awhile.
  • Molly was adopted by her foster mom in record time because of an immediate bond that was formed between them. They were caught snuggling under a blanket on Molly's first night!
  • Johnny M went on an adventure and was lost temporarily during his extended visit. After he returned (on his own!) his new family knew they couldn't bear to see him go again and signed the adoption papers as soon as they could.

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