Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Tail: Nell!

Nell came to TAGS at the end of December 2012. At that time, she was estimated to be just over a year old. TAGS named her Noelle because if we had not rescued her in time, the shelter she was at in the United States was planning to euthanize her on Christmas Eve. Before ending up at the shelter, she was living in a hoarding situation, so needless to say, her life has been a bit rocky. 

This adorable rat terrier mix was in foster care for about 7 months. During every PetSmart or Pet Valu shift, volunteers and customers would gush over her sweet face and contagious energy. But nevertheless, she remained up for adoption.

Then, in July, that sweet face one again grabbed someone's attention, but this time they couldn’t look away, and she was finally adopted! After that, she got a new name to go along with her new life. 

An Interview With Nell’s New Mom, Lynda:

1. How and why did you decide to adopt a rescue dog?
It was totally by "accident.” We had just heard a sad tale about a dog on the radio and it prompted me to search the internet. TAGS popped up and suddenly there was Nell's photo. I sort of knew right there and then.

2. Why did you only put in an application for Nell (and not any of the other dogs)?
Her face.

3. When you actually met Nell, did you know right away that she was who you were looking for? Did it take a few days ? Tell me how this process went for you.
To be honest, it was a done deal before we even left our house [to go meet her]. We're not ones to "think about it" when it comes to an animal.  However, once we actually saw her we were certain. In fact, we were impatient for the whole adoption process to be finished so that we could officially take her home.

4. What were Nell's first days with you like?
Interesting. We hadn't had a young, active, inquisitive, dog in our home in a long while.  There was a lot of adjustment on all sides. I'm happy to be getting new shoes out of the deal.

5. How did the training classes* go? 

Welllllll, Nell is not much of a student, and is a bit aggressive when on a leash.  We learned lots, though.
*When you adopt a dog from TAGS, an eight-week behaviour training course is included 

6. Tell us some funny/quirky/endearing stories about Nell.
(Do you really have that much time?) During her first week with us, Nell discovered that squirrels and rabbits enjoyed our yard - past tense. She took note of their various points of entry and exit and checked them regularly. To this day, when we let her out, she bursts out the door, clambers down the stairs and across the deck, and runs her perimeter check - lilac bush, back gate, tub garden, side fence, and back up to the deck. Then, and only then can she enjoy the yard.  

P.S.: Pretty much everything about Nell is endearing.
Left: Yipee! Nell in the car on the first day of her extended visit.
Right: Nell bashfully sports a Thundershirt.
7. Now that it's been several months, do you think Nell knows that she's "home"?
We know that she knows. When we go on our walks, she sniffs her way around, but as soon as we hit the bottom of our driveway she drags us up to the front door, which cannot be opened fast enough for her to get in.

8. What are your favourite things about Nell?
She "loves" with her whole body. Coming home from work, and walking into the house is a major doggy celebration.  Her entire (wiggly) body welcomes us home every single time.

9. How is she getting along with Mona? (Mona is a senior Jack Russell Terrier who has lived with the family since she was a puppy.)
Now that it's been a while, they have developed an understanding. Every now and then they'll tear through the house together, which is funny because Nell has a great deal of exuberance, but no brakes. They both understand that Mona is the boss and is not to be questioned - ever!

10. Any other facts or anecdotes about your adoption experience that you would like to share?We know why it was a long process, but it was the longest three weeks of our lives. We appreciate everything that TAGS does, and are really glad that you were all there when Nell needed you most.  We highly recommend rescuing your next best friend. It's well worth it.
Nell with (some of) her new family members. 


  1. I couldn't be happier for Noelle/Nell. As soon as I met her, I felt the same pull toward her this family had. She is so deserving of a good home, and it seems she has finally found that! Have a great life, Nell!

    1. Thanks for your comment Cathy! :) I will pass that message on to Nell when I see her. She definitely is "home" now!


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