Monday, November 18, 2013

What Blossom's "Gotcha Day" Showed Me


I'm Snoopy and I am new to TAGS -- so new that I just got sprung from the pound on the weekend! At first I just thought I was going out for a walk, but then I got to go on a car ride! After my car ride I had a check-up, a bath, and got to go pick out a new toy at PetSmart. Along the way I got to sniff and lick so many great people. I really was expecting to go back to my cage after all of the excitement, but instead I got the best surprise of all...

...I have a foster home! No more pound life for me! This means that I get to run, play and hang out with other dogs and cuddle up with nice people. It's all been very exciting!

Just chillin' at my new foster home. 
Oops. Just had a bath and already dirty again.
At least I look more like my Dalmation side this way! 

That's me with my new toy in the car on the way "home."
I was pooped after all of the excitement!
At my foster home I live with two dogs named Chappie and Blossom. They tell me I am not the first "foster" brother they've had, and by now they know a bit about how things go. Apparently I will live here for a bit and then one day I will get my own family! I asked them how they know this for sure, and they told me that they went through it too, just last year.

Chappie telling me about being a foster dog. 
Chappie and Blossom are siblings who were rescued from a place called Kentucky in September of 2012. Their sister Azriel came with them too. They said life in Kentucky was no fun at all, but then they moved to Canada where they lived in a home with a few other dogs, like what I am doing now. As part of a foster dog's job, they had to go and hang out at pet stores every so often to try and meet their new family. Chappie got adopted first, and about a month later his new parents decided they just had to reunite the dynamic duo, so Blossom got adopted too and the rest is history. 

Now, I didn't want to be rude, but their story seemed a bit far-fetched.  From my experience so far in life, a dog doesn't stay in one place for too long. And they definitely don't get to be part of a family.

However, I was proved wrong last night! My new foster family threw a party just for Blossom! They called it her "Gotcha Day." I learned that humans who own rescue dogs celebrate the day they adopted their new furry friend because they don't know when their real birthday is.

Happy 1st Gotcha Day to Blossom!
(that's me in the bottom left)
Hearing them all talk about how happy they were to have Blossom in their lives for a whole year now really gave me hope. I can't wait to get adopted so I can have my very own Gotcha Day.

Wish me luck!

- Snoopy 


  1. I just love Snoopy. He is a really wonderful dog, full of kisses, and I am sure it won't be long before he has a new family.

  2. It's so true. He is a wonderful, sweet boy!

  3. I have read this like 40 times. It's really sweet, you did a fabulous job writing it Jen!

    1. Aw thanks Courtney! Thank you for the idea and all of the pictures! I'm glad you like what I did with it :)


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