Sunday, July 19, 2009


Horses in Romania have an extremely miserable life. The situation is revolting and shameful. Unfortunately not only the horses. Many people live in the greatest poverty and the fate of horses is irrevocably linked to that of men. These horses have very long days of extremely hard work at the end of which they get no or very little food. They are often beaten if not mutilated. The horses become useless during the dead season and the owners are not in the possibility to feed them, so they abandon them. Sometimes tied up without food or water, left to die of starvation. For those people horses are no animals that can suffer pain and fear. They are just instruments that can make their owners earn a living. Illegal slaughter is also a widespread habit. In the region of Bucharest alone every year about 200 horses are abandoned.
Everywhere in the country one can see exhausted, overworked, underfed, wounded, starving and dead horses. Therefore the vzw Equine Rescue Center (Belgium) took the initiative to take action in order to help Romanian horses. You can read more on our website . We launch an international campaign addressed to the Romanian Government to protest against the actual horse abuse and to the EU. We ask you to sign our online petition to help us reach our goals. But you can do more! In the meantime horses and donkeys do need help. They need food, medical care and a shelter. Please, help these equines also financially. We guarantee that your gift will be spent directly and entirely to relief the need of these unfortunate horses. They had such horrible lives. Don’t let them die now. Give them at least a few happy years. Equine Rescue Center vzw. BelgiĆ«lei 188, B-2018 Antwerpen. Belgium. For Belgium: 979-5503680-02 For all other countries: BIC: ARSPBE22 Mention “Romania” IBAN: BE 32 979-5503680-02

THANK YOU To sign the petition please click here

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