Saturday, October 24, 2009

Phoebe a Rescue from a local shelter gave birth

to 9 pups, one did not make it. Our volunteer Alan wrote this poem in memory of puppy number 8 who went to the Rainbow Bridge.

The Joy of Life

A simple breathe a beating heart
a fragile life has found a start
in a world of desperate need
to hold the product of Gods seed

This delicate tiny puppy will grow
to capture the hearts of those who know
the value that these friends can bring
unconditional love that means everything

As I hold this creature oh so small
I will think to myself how lucky are all
who will come to know this puppy in
the gift will be won when smiles do shine

Perhaps a special purpose will be
the mission of this pup we'll see
to warm the hearts of the elder and sick
or bring joy of a pet who loves to fetch sticks

Whatever the case I know we must
care for this precious life and trust
that God will take care of the rest you see
our lives enriched by this creature indeed!!

Alan Bridges
October 2009

Dedicated to number 8 who only made his brief appearance to remind us
how precious and fragile life really is. That was his purpose.
Mission Accomplished!
Gods speed #8

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