Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Puppy #7 lost is his battle yesterday

Your Short Mortal Visit
> That day full of miracles watching as each pup arrived
> an experience so precious to see them alive
> the first breathe that you took a gift to us all
> a glorious moment to one oh so small
> That night up above a star crossed the sky
> with it's trail so bright it made us cry
> we knew it was a message from the 8th pup that passed
> just a reminder to us that his spirit would last
> The second shooting star was sent as a sign
> that your departed brother the 8th could not leave you behind
> your few days of struggle to stay on this earth
> have come to a close shortly after your birth
> Now your together again with your brother
> leaving your 7 siblings to be nursed by your mother
> your purpose is now to protect from up high
> and watch over the others and comfort our cries
> It's hard to accept this fate which was dealt
> to such a fragile life to which we have felt
> such love and compassion since you were born
> that our hearts now hurt as if they were torn
> Time will help us come to accept
> that you were needed to help others who slept
> an eternal sleep at peace in heaven
> and this special mission bestowed on you number 7.
> This poem a tribute to the pup who has fought
> to remain in our midst but instead he has taught
> a lesson of life beyond what we know
> a place called Heaven for which we will go.
> May your wings carry you swiftly!
> Alan Bridges
> October 26th, 2009

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  1. Oh my gosh, that was so beautiful it's hard to put into words, thank you for those words Alan.


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